Friday, August 19, 2016

Chasing Butterflies

Happiness is like a butterfly.The more you chase it,the more it will elude you.But if you turn your attention to other things,it will come & sit softly on your shoulder. Thoreau

The only picture I got of monarches was over at the Wadel`s farm last night. These 2 were mating.
black swallowtail

yellow swallowtail
black swallowtail


Breathtaking said...

Hello!:) Nice of you to pass by my blog and leave a nice comment.:) I love to photograph butterflies, and I can see that you do too, and what a nice selection you have here.:) The black and blue one is so beautiful. We don't see that one over here, but they are all lovely captures, and I enjoyed my visit.

Phyllis Oller said...

Thank-you for visiting~!I haven`t been writing lately,but you are on my following list,when I saw those beautiful butterflies,I had to comment,

Anonymous said...

You have lots of pretty butterflies!

Judy said...

Wow, it's so lovely to see the photos of the butterflies! We don't see them at our place in town very much, but when we're motorcycling or hiking in the mountains, we see a lot of butterflies floating by. They are so cool to see!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

They are so pretty, aren't they?!