Monday, March 31, 2008

first day of trout season

Our grandson,Dominick,has never been fishing before.He is 5 years old.His dad & my dh took him the first day to a place roped off for children on the conococheague creek & he caught his first fish.Wow,it was a 19" palamino trout!I had to post a pic of him & as he says,his "yellow"fish.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! That is a gorgeous trout. I have never seen a palomino trout. Very nice and I bet he is really proud of his catch. :-)

phylliso said...

thank-you Marsha for your comment,guess he will have it mounted so he can "hang it on my wall,nana" He even tried some trout which he describes as tasting like chicken,he loves chicken.phylliso