Thursday, April 3, 2008


I`m missing my collie terribly these days.It seems when the seasons change,it pains me more.I had to put him to sleep on Oct.9,2007.He was 12.He had lung cancer,spots so numerous that the vet felt that was why he was having other problems with going potty.He most likely had cancer everywhere.This is the last photo I took of him,he never let on he was ill till the very last day.How can a dog get lung cancer when no one smokes in his home? I guess it`s the same way with people.
When we got him from the breeder at 4 mos.he was very ill.We didn`t know right away he was ill.He had all sorts of worms,no shots,he had never set foot from his concrete kennel,so when the breeder got him & his brothers out,I marveled at how the breeder wasn`t afraid they wouldn`t run away.No,they won`t go anywhere,he was sure.Well,we soon learned after we got him home,he was afraid to walk on the bare floor,afraid to walk on the carpet,afraid of the hard to get trained because of the was awful.My heart broke as he hid in our bedroom.He tip-toed like a cat,raising his feet way high tiptoeing through the house.Sometimes we would have to carry him to go outside.But finally he trusted us after loving him 24/7,we learned various things that would upset him,camo clothing,heavy work boots,men in general.This breeder no longer breeds collies or has collies,thank the dear Lord.My Max the collie was my best friend,following me everywhere,almost annoyingly,& these days I miss him so much.I will post more about him later.
He wasn`t my first collie.I had a collie we got from a farmer who lived to be 14.My heartache was so bad for her that we got Max almost right afterwards.Now I may have to get another collie.We have the 2 shelties,but there is nothing like having a collie live with you.
I tried to get a collie from a rescue place,but they wouldn`t let him be adopted out of state.He had almost the same sort of treatment Max did in his first year of life,so I really felt like I was going to be able to adopt this dog from Virginia,but it wasn`t to be.I`m now afraid to apply for any other one,so am just waiting,getting more & more depressed,wondering if I should just go get a puppy as there`s been alot for sale in our papers.
Max was a Tartanside collie.I never knew what that meant till after he died.My groomer,my friend,Jennifer,said why not find another Tartanside,so I began reading about them.It never really mattered to me,what matters is I miss my best friend.

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