Sunday, April 27, 2008

The African Greys

African Greys are the perfect birds for someone starting out with parrots.We have a second hand timeh who is about 20 years old at least.When he takes naps now,he makes a tent with his newspaper on the bottom of his cage,then goes under it for his nap.I really believe it`s cause he`s so old that he falls from his perch when he is in a sound sleep.He talks alot & will bite me every chance he gets.His name is Elvis-not the name I would`ve chose but we kept it.

My congo grey I`ve had since he was a baby.Her name is Zeba.We had her about 10 years.She will say anything,especially when it is emphasised.Our son when he lived with us said "that`s bullshit"alot{I wonder why he would say that?!} & when he moved out,then came to visit,Zeba will say,that`s bullshit.I guess she thinks that id his name.Ha! But she is very smart,she knows our neighbors by name & phone # ,she talks on the phone & knows my name & # is just very amusing & entertaining.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I will never forget the day I was saying goodbye to my son and his bird was on his shoulder. I said, "I love you James." The bird said, "screw you!" Too funny.

phylliso said...

Ha,Ha! That was funny!They come off with the darnest stuff!phylliso