Sunday, April 27, 2008

blue & gold macaws

I haven`t posted pics of our parrots yet.We have 2 blue & golds & 2 African Greys.

Jerry-little Jerry Seinfield-is about 7 years old.We got him as a baby,I was still handfeeding him when we brought him home.I thought I`d never get him off his formula,but gradually got him interested in warm oatmeal & other people food.Today he loves alot of people food.We have their play area out on our enclosed porch,which is right out from the living room where they can see us.

Melissa,the other macaw,came to us as a second hand bird who didn`t like women.I wonder now what this guy who we got her from`s girlfriend did to Melissa as I had some trouble at first with her biting me,but after awhile she came to like me.This guy said he had to get rid of Melissa because of his girlfriend.She still prefers men,but she lets me love her too.She was named after the Allman Brothers song,Melissa,& when she hears it,she sways & dances to it.She is about 15 years old now.

Jerry is constantly being bad.He will not stay on a perch ,he gets himself to the edge of the tray & swings his body,dangling until he grasps the pole under the tray,then slides down it like a fireman coming down a pole.Then he is happy,running everywhere destroying woodwork on the walls,ect.& when we hung a perch from the ceiling,this pic shows what he now we have a bird baffel up so he can`t go up to the ceiling,he was destroying the ceiling.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

What did you expect when you named a bird after Jerry Seinfeld. Too funny. Absolutely gorgeous birds.

phylliso said...

You are right!phylliso