Sunday, April 27, 2008


Bandit is a newcomer to our family,coming in Nov.he is still a puppy,maybe 8 mos.old now.He is a sheltie,larger than Maggie.The people who had him didn`t want to sell him,but he was too hard on their other dog,playing too hard.Our Maggie is 7 years old & she will play with him too,but will let him know when he`s too rough & he will back off.He is very loving,good with kids,we love him alot & he can keep Maggie company when we aren`t here as Maggie has never been left alone till Max died.I love how he sits,like his back legs are too long for his body.

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

He's beautiful! My animals never cease to bring me joy and a smile to my face. I have to feel sorry for people who don't experience that absolute delight in their lives.