Thursday, May 1, 2008

cold in Pa

The golden rule here in Pa is to not plant anything outside flower-wise-till after mother`s day.The temperatures have dipped into the 30`s,we have had no freeze & the flower seeds I scattered in the ground have sprouted & have yet remained strong & unscathed.I am blessed for the slight breeze & 80 year old pines protecting them.
It is to rain today,we don`t really need more rain at this point,the creeks are flooded & some are up over their banks,but I am grateful in a way for some respite from cleaning out the goats pen.My back is aching,the damp cold is penatrating every part of my body.I`m questioning my sanity in keeping them at these times when I feel my age.
I`m on enbrel for my RA,an injection once a week.It has really been helping me to feel better,but my white blood cell count has been up the past couple of months.The doctor keeps elimating meds in hopes of lowering the count.I remain fearful of the side effects of these cell altering drugs.It`s either try them or look forward to being in a wheelchair,which is what I feel like today,being in a wheelchair.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Ranch said...

Keep the goats. They will keep you active and give you amazing joy. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. We are in the midst of a winter storm. Ugh...

phylliso said...

thanks,that`s what my husband`s pysc doc said too,phylliso