Thursday, May 1, 2008

bird watching

The migrating birds have been helped by the recent fronts coming thru our area.They use to weather to help them glide along to spend part of the year with us.The catbirds have arrived,the towees,a single hummingbird.The goldfinches have changed their colors,becoming bright yellow again.My neighbor came down to visit one year saying he had a canary trying to enter his house,& if he would catch it,did I want it.I told him what he had was a goldfinch & showed him a pic of it & he said,yes,that is the bird.So,I was thankful I was able to educate him some of the wild life we have here.He said he loves to hear our macaws,he feels as if he`s living in a jungle.I said it`s not so fun to have them yelling at times.Another neighbor from down at the end of our lane walked up in search of the racket one time & said they thought a fox had a rabbit up here.Oh,well,they are good "watch dogs" for people coming & going from our lane.I always know if someone is outside.

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