Thursday, May 1, 2008


I can hear the towhees deep in the woods.They usually come close to eat from the ground the parrots seeds I throw out.Parrots are very wasteful,but wild birds will clean up what they don`t want.We have trouble with the neighbors cats coming to our house in search of birds.I am constantly chasing them off.I believe all cats & dogs should be kept inside,let them out if you are going to watch them,but don`t come to my house hunting them after they`ve been gone a week.The neighbor has 5 cats in a trailor letting them roam all over the place.I deter them by placing small containers of ammonia under the bushes & places the birds eat & nest.The cats do not like that smell in their eyes.It is that time of year when I have to get out & do it as the towhees like to nest on the ground & eat their food from the ground.They are fun to watch,jumping backwards with their feed,upturning leaves in search of insects.The male is dark colored with red eyes.The female is brown where the male is black.

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