Saturday, May 10, 2008


Our only son is 34 years old today.His son was 6 on Thursday,my brother`s is Mon.the 12th.

There was a party for our grandson.He wanted a bean bag chair for his birthday so that`s what he got from us.He doesn`t look like any of us with his brillant blue eyes ,his own father committed suicide a few years ago.We are the only family he knows & we love him so very much & feel blessed to have him in our lives.

It`s kinda funny in a way.His mother loves the king of queens show on tv & has dvds of the shows.One evenning he says to her,mommy is that my other daddy on tv? He was talking about the star,Kevin James,& I see how he would think that.It just shows that a small child can remember people who touch them in some way.

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Such sweet pictures......I love family gatherings....well, I wasn't thrilled about the wedding but that was because of the exlaws.