Saturday, May 10, 2008

Killing Deer in Carlisle,Pa

A neighborhood in Carlisle,Pa.has a population of about 70 deer living in their neighborhood.Last night on the news they said there were 40.Suddenly now there`s 70.Due to some complaints about property damage,accidents on the highway,& worries of lyme disease,the mayor & council have decided to hire a sharpshooter to come in & kill the deer.They are going to donate the meat to local food banks.They counsulted with the Pa.Game Commission & decided that this was the best thing to do.So,is this going to be an ongoing thing? When the deer population starts taking over,do we just start killing them,everywhere?

Our neighbor has a deer farm.They dart deer all the time to move them around to different acres of their 500 or more acres of woods.I`m sure Carlisle could get volunteers to do this instead of what they are planning.Of course they added they will not let the public know when this will all take place.

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