Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I will drive people crazy with flower photos.I love butterflies so you will find alot of them here too if the catbirds don`t get them.I litterly chase butterflies through the yard to get a photo.
My roses are starting to bloom,the wild yellow wood sorrels I believe they are called are everywhere,& the painted dasies I planted Sat.have two heads grown together.


Aleta said...

You have such a beautiful yard with all the colorful flowers! I try, but can't get the beautiful flowers like you have, to grow. I don't think I spend as much time as you do working outside.

phylliso said...

You have alot more wildlife than I do with all that acreage.It is hard to find things the animals won`t eat.I will have to fix you up with foxgloves & more bee balm when I see you again.phylliso