Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Box Turtle,Blue skies

Sat.I woke up to this beautiful sky.After all those gloomy days,now this....it was beautiful.I got busy outside planting flowers ,seeds,pulling the poison ivy.I wanted so badly to just spray it with weed killer,but I have all these benefical insects around that I didn`t want to destroy them too.One year I used an idea off the tv of putting the poison vine in a tied baggy with round-up to let the leaf soak it up to the roots & guess what.It was wrapped around the dogwood tree so I lost the tree too as I didn`t know the roots were all under it everywhere.Today the tree is gone & I still have the poison.
This brightly colored box turtle was in the grass this morning,it rainned during the night & he was happliy gliding through the grass.I found a page on the internet called Robyn`s Box Turtle Page with alot of info about all kinds of turtles.She says males have red eyes ,so I`m thinking that this is a male.It is not the same turtle we`ve had for awhile as he doesn`t have the marks we put on him with our son`s name.That turtle is still around somewhere,I see it every year.Perhaps it is the female,I will have to go back & check my photos of it.That turtle came up the deck to the sliding glass door one hot day in the summer.Max barked like crazy to let me know.I put a dish of water out for the turtle as I suppose that is what it was looking for.
Alot of flowers are starting to bloom,will post those later.


Aleta said...

We have a lot of box turtles around our property, too. Today my husband saw one on our lane that was a baby, the size of between a quarter and 50 cent piece. He came and told me. I ran back with my camera, but it was gone. He said it was all dark, either black or green (he's color blind). It must have just been born. Last year in early Spring we found a box turtle in the back of our property with its eyes closed. I thought something was wrong with it, then I did some research and found that when they first come out of hibernation they have their eyes closed so we figure that was the case with this one.

phylliso said...

I couldn`t believe turtles could move so fast but when I walked around the yard to see where he got to,he was gone.I`m glad I got the pic when I saw him.phylliso