Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gloomy days

Yesterday & the weekend were almost wash-outs & today is another gloomy one.I planted a few things yesterday before the rain came.Everything`s muddy.I started some bulbs in pots & I HAD to get them off the front deck so I dug in the mud & put them in down around Max`s grave.All of the flower seeds I planted are up there,but last night we watched a big rabbit build a nest close to the grave under the rose bush.I just hope he doesn`t eat all of them as I worked hard to get something to grow there.I filled my air freshner jar with ammonia & took it down & placed it there hoping he or she won`t like the smell.
I dreamt about Max Tues.night.I dreamed he was outside with me & got lost.I was frantic,coming in the house to tell my husband he went outside & didn`t come back,he always comes back to me.I woke up thinking he was still here & lost.I am the one who is lost without him.
I spent the remainder of the day yesterday watching birds.Here is a pic of the male house finch.I startled Jerry & Melissa when I took their pic,they were deep into preening each other.Both are molting heavily this year.

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Ranch said...

Thank you for the pictures of the birds. They are gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous....I don't know how people can't believe in God when they see the magnificence of all creation around them.