Tuesday, May 6, 2008

gardening & things

I got behind in my gardening over the years & have had to divide some plants.We have 5 loads of mulch to put around too.I had some help today with the mulch,Bandit the sheltie had his whole head buried in it.Maggie,the other sheltie,was in the meantime eating manure from the goats pen we took out.So both of my helpers were sent to the deck & made to stay.

I found I couldn`t work in some areas.Robins have already built in the climbing rose bush that needed support but now I won`t bother it,they are also under the back deck & those babies are getting big.The nest has pieces of ribbon in it that they got from my tomato cages last year,I had shiny pieces strung up & down the rows of cages to deter the deer,& I saw bits of fleece tucked in the nest too.I worry about the robins,there`s been some hawks flying about here.One year the robins built in the holly bush as you come into our house.Every day we watched them grow.The neighbors came & checked on their progress.I felt I was one of the proud parents.One day when I was out in the yard,one decided to try his wings.He hopped to the deck,then flew to the rail,started flapping his wings,then....a hawk flew down & grabbed him before he could even go for his first flight.The parents were watching too & flew fast after the hawk,both chasing him into the woods.I screamed like an idot & ran too.It was awful.The parents made this tortured chirping sound I will always remember.But I have come to love the hawks too,they are such beautiful birds.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Ranch said...

The pictures are wonderful. I had to laugh at the little four legged helpers. My Lil loves to eat goat berries and I find myself constantly reprimanding her. Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying spring...or is it summer where you are? We are just now starting to see some green. And me...I'm green with envy for those of you who actually see all the signs of spring.

phylliso said...

Thanks Becky,glad you are back safe,phylliso