Thursday, May 8, 2008

quick post

Just a quick post on seeing the female hummingbird.She is hiding there in the viburnm bush,boy I sure can`t spell.But the baby robins left their nest yesterday too,was glad I was able to count & see them before they left.No eggs yet in the rose bush nest.A baby thrasher flew into the house yesterday,then flew back out ,thank goodness I didn`t have to try to get him out.Last year we had a hummingbird in here resting on the ceiling fan.Luckily the fan wasn`t on.I had to turn off all lights to get him out.He kept wanted to fly up instaed of out towards the door.He found the outside then by the sunlight.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Your gardens are beautiful. Best keep the goats out of them :-) No wonder all those beautiful birds make their home with you. You have taken great care to provide a beautiful sanctuary for them. Hope all is well with you friend.

phylliso said...

Things have been busy,plus sometimes when I try to blog around 4pm,it won`t post.I suppose they are perhaps overwelmed at that time of the day.phylliso