Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mother`s day,rain,wind,& things

Our had us over for steaks & crabcakes for mother`s day,this is Theresa,my daughter-in-law,my mom & me.It rainned & got ugly so we played with the kids in the house & My dh got in trouble throwing a nerf ball to our grandson,so we went home.

I won`t be having steak for awhile as I had a dentist appt.Mon.& have to have 2 bottom teeth removed in June.My teeth are breaking off because of my sjogrens syndrome.I`ll have to have a partial denture made made,yuk,never thought I`d get like this.Now I have to apply special paste to my teeth at night to protect the other teeth I have.

The wind knocked over a martin house pole in the goats pen,I can`t up right it myself.It took a little piece of the roof of the barn off as I had a tarp tied to the pole & fence to give them some shade & relief from the sun.I`ve been tying them out in grass every day now,yesterday they enjoyed browsing the honeysuckle.

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