Friday, May 30, 2008

National Wildlife Federation

I have our place certified with the national wildlife federation.We provide food,water,shelter,& places to raise their young to qualify for it.We lost 2 acres of pines 15 years ago when mother nature sent straightline winds through our place & on up the mountain.It was devestating to us.We never had a yard.So we gradually got it all cleaned up & I began to replant for the wildlife,reading about what trees & shrubs were good for the wildlife & things started coming together.My husband lets me pretty much do what I want with our space,so I`m blessed in that way.Gradually wildflowers came that were probably here before & we never noticed.Here`s some wild blue flax.
A few years ago I started planting grasses & tried to let an area go without mowing as I want so badly to attact the regal fritillary butterfly.I`m still hoping I will have them here.There`s alot at Fort Indiantown Gap which isn`t that far away so maybe in the future we will have them.


Aleta said...

I tried to do this with our property a couple of times but something went wrong. I think I tried for the free one, but I think you pay something for the plaque, right? I should just go ahead and pay and do it. We have 80 acres of woods, pasture land, brush, streams, springs -- all of the things listed for the habitat, except we don't have a pond, but we have a little pool at one of the streams that could be tiny pond. I think it is wonderful that you are taking care of the environment the way you do!

phylliso said...

Thanks Aleta.You have natural springs on your property so that counts for water.I did pay for the sign,but it wasn`t that much & I figure it was worth it to let the neighbors know I will go to great lengths to provide for wildlife.phylliso