Friday, May 30, 2008

New unidentified birds

We have a couple of birds here,a pair,that tried to set up nesting today in a juniper bush at the garden already occupied by Mr.& Mrs.Cardinal & the robins were nearby so they were chased away.I have been hearing them in the woods but until now haven`t been able to spot them.This is a bad photo but I took it from inside as I was watching.It has yellow on it,but is much bigger than a finch & not as bright.Aleta can you tell by enlarging it,I can`t seem to email you photos anymore with this new printer.
Also,I take my camera everywhere when I`m in the yard,& as I was putting newspapers down,then topping them with mulch to do the no-till method in the vegetable garden,out tumbled this toad from deep within the mulch.Surprised the crap outa both of us!


Aleta said...

Oh, your toad is so cute, with that fat little belly! He'd look cute recreated in a pattern somehow, maybe on a quilt.

I believe your bird is a Great-Crested Flycatcher. I looked in my bird book and he has the same shaped head and coloring. It says they are usually heard and seldom seen, so it is so neat that you saw him at all! It says they make loud, whislted, slightly buzzy wheep and a raucous whit-whit-whit. Even though it is a blurry photo, it is so cool that you got a picture of him!!

phylliso said...

They are still here,I heard them just now in the woods.I`ll be running around tomorrow looking to get another photo.I couldn`t believe he landed down there,& to see the other one also,but in flight.There are so many junipers here,maybe they`ll choose another one unoccupied.phylliso