Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blogging again

I had to take a respite from blogging,so much has been going on.I did have those bottom teeth extracted on Tues.They broke apart as he was getting them out,but no surgery,thank the dear Lord,stitches tho.I have sjogren`s syndrome with my RA & it causes dry eyes,then when I told my doctor I felt like I was drooling sometimes & I`m not,he picked up on that & have me tested for the syndrome.It is a simple blood test.When you have this,it`s best to go to the dentist right away.My teeth were breaking off because I`m not making enough of saliva.There is special rinses to use that help with this,then at night you apply special paste to your teeth to coat them & protect them from breaking.If you have a milk allergy,you cannot use this paste.But,these were all facts I didn`t know about,I hope I have been helpful to others.

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