Thursday, June 5, 2008

First bug/butterfly

We haven`t had alot of hummingirds or butterflies yet.The bee balm isn`t blooming yet,or the butterfly bushes,but the roses & peonies are blooming.Here is a bug on the peonie.My friend,Aleta,out in Tenn is doing a poll on seeing hummingbirds this year.She usually has tons of them,barely able to keep her many feeders full.But she noticed a decline this year.Our male hummer hasn`t been here,we have a male 1,but he is not the same as the 1 who had followed my dh thru the yard & appeared every time he was outside.I wonder if the storms thru them off,or what has happenned.She is doing a poll on her blog,it is Aleta`s Hootin` Hollers to do the blog.

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