Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just photos

I like to wind vines up thru bushes & trees.They did that here years ago with a trumpet vine that winds up to the sky in a pine.It still blooms too.This is a clemtis vine in a purple smoke bush,the colors contrast together nicely.Also a white wildflower,or some may call a weed,growing off to the side of the yard at the woods.House wren in the angel house I have posted up front in my blog.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Just beautiful. It amazes me you know what all the birds and flowers are. I think I walk in a cloud.

phylliso said...

I don`t know them all & drive myself nuts finding out things.One time we had tree frogs.I finally did get a pic of one,but that sound mostly at night drove me nuts.I thought it was a mockingbird,but it was little frogs,so cute.The neighbor hadn`t openned his pool that year & so they had a fine time that summer.phylliso