Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just Photos

Just some photos,I`m not up to writing much.I will say we still have the great-crested flycatchers here.I was looking up about them,& it seems they are common in the woods,but this is the first I spotted them.I hope to get another photo.At times they are just above my head.They also sound like a policeman`s whistle in the city & also they make that weeeep weeep sound.
The mosqutoes here are terrible this year,guess it is from all the rain.Someone is spraying this week because the west nile virus has been showing up in our county.We have been dumping water & refilling birdbaths,but I have always done that in the past.I have several bird baths,some on the ground for the citters who drink from the ground.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

That's an adorable picture. We have lots of ground squirrels but they move so fast and aren't stopping for a photo op.

phylliso said...

He likes to fill up with outcast parrot seeds I throw out the door,his cheeks are so full sometimes I don`t know how he runs around.phylliso