Sunday, June 29, 2008

House Project

My husband is working to improve the house some,with the help of our son.Our home was a summer cabin,a weekend retreat,so it was thrown together haphazardly.The underneath the rain water was running into the "basement"where the furnace is so he wanted it blocked in,all of it.When he started tearing off the siding there were 2 beams eaten by termites,so he had to jack up the house to get the beams out & replaced them.I was praying the whole time that the house wouldn`t collaspe,but he got it done.
Now he is doing around the front.We had a big fight over removing the holly bush,in the end,he won & he yanked it out.It was there were the green spot is.I`ll be so glad when it`s all done so we can try out our powerwasher on all the house.
I REALLY wanted the space between the house & garage closed in,maybe as an avairy for the birds or to expand the living room out,but that`s not happenning this year.

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