Thursday, June 19, 2008


I had the vet out yesterday to give the goats their shots.I had them all tied out for him & we breezed through quickly,saving Ringo for last.He was already bah-ing over what was going to happen to him.He tried to bite the vet.I had thought he tried to bite me one time,but thought he wouldn`t-couldn`t have.I really believed that they couldn`t bite.Well,the vet said,he tried to bite me!!So now I`m more wary of him.I don`t want to be rid of him even though he is so bad,he is Blackie`s best friend.He nuzzels his ears & loves him,he eats with him....yesterday I tried to lasso him-which I`m very good at now-& he wouldn`t come close enough,so he went into the barn & I pinned him in then gave him cookies & was able to lasso him & get him out with the others.It`s when I go to get the lasso off is when I have the problems to let him loose.I will have to figure something out.
I took some pics of the dogs & the flowers.Bandit has an infection on the outside of his mouth.The vet said to put neosporin on it & if it doesn`t get better,to bring him in.I am going to take him as I can`t bear anything wrong with the animals.They get Dingos in the am & at bedtime,not too many Dingos,they are the smaller ones,but it probably aggravates that spot.He is,after all,still a puppy,not a year old yet.He is going to chew on whatever,might as well be a Dingo,which by the way is over $6 a bag at walmart!
Pics of Maggie hiding under the deck chair & Bandit licking water off the chair after the rain.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Ranch said...

Oh Girlfriend you are good....lassoing a goat! I'm impressed. We run around in circles trying to grab them by the horns. How much did the vet charge? I give the shots in an effort to save a bit but then run them in too often and it gets expensive.

phylliso said...

He comes to our home & for all 4 goats,$113.Our vets here are great.They will come the day you call to your home if one is sick,it may not be till late at night,but they get there.phylliso

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I love the blue merl and am so fond of shelties and collies. Yours are beautiful.


Aleta said...

Bandit is a ham - seems to enjoy getting his picture taken! He's beautiful!

I know you're glad the vaccinations are over with for this year! Other than the attempted biting, seems like they did okay.