Sunday, June 8, 2008


I`m up close to midnight here as I can`t sleep.The viewing was today,the funeral tomorrow for my daughter-in-law`s father,he looked so nice,just like he was sleeping in his national guard uniform.His wife had to be taken out,she is not coping at all with this & left after an hour.I felt so bad for her.I don`t know how she`ll ever do it tomorrow.I am praying for her.
Pics of Savannah Rose.We had the kids alot today.Savannah could be started potty training,she goes in the bathroom in these pictures & watches herself in the mirror on the shower door when she poops,she did that 2 times today.They don`t believe in potty training till 2,she is 15 mos.

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Ranch said...

That just too cute and she's adorable!