Friday, June 27, 2008

Visiting friends

Rich got a call from his friend,Lester,to come over to see his fish.Well,I ended up going also to get the pic & this am I ran the pic into the newspaper for them.Lester said I should get a job with the paper on the sports page.I have taken 3 pics this year to be published,they have put them in too & thought they were great.He caught a 24"brown trout.Here is the pic,plus his wife,Jeannie, with her 2 daushounds.She showed me her robin babies & of course I had to get their photo &robin mom who wasn`t too happy with our attention to her babies,see her feathers all standing up?

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Tabmade said...

Thanks for your comment on my Stevie pics. :) That pic of the baby birds is great! So cute. A robin once built a nest on a wreath mom had on the front screen door (when I lived at home in high school) so we started to use the back door so she wouldn't get upset and leave the babies. We could open the main door and sit on the couch and watch them there! It was so neat.