Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flowers and goats and garden treasures

Sharing pics of cukes & squash from our garden,there is more work down there to be picked.
We haven`t had alot of monarch butterflies yet,but took some of a skipper & another kind.
I tied the goats out some,then let the brothers loose to follow me but they wanted to head into the flowers,so I quickly called for them to get grain,which they ran towards the barn doing the happy dance I call it.I will have to video them doing the "happy dance".They look like a fish coming out of water,shaking their heads & bodies different ways.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Ranch said...

Are your goats lose??? I really want to try it but am afraid.

phylliso said...

yes,the white ones are loose.I can walk mine on leashes too,but as long as they haven`t eaten,they will follow me in hopes of grain till I put them in the barn with the grain.phylliso