Saturday, July 19, 2008

Walk in the Woods

The past couple of days the dogs & I have been taking walks in the woods that belong to us.This winter we lost alot more trees as mother nature came through with ice & wind & uprooted large,old trees.They are still lying that way,& I realize as everything has grown up so much that there was no way of seeing any of our neighbors in the development that borders us.My dh has to make routine trips around on the 4 wheeler to inspect our borders,if he doesn`t they tend to build on us,throw brush,cat litter,old cans that they shoot at,then let lay,all of this Rich makes sure that they clean up.Of course they feed the deer,but today I was looking for bear scat.I didn`t see any more & the dogs didn`t give me any indication of anything about except for the usual deer pellets.He may have to cut a way through there so we can walk around.It is like a different world there,so quiet,the dead trees have holes pecked in,last year we saw a red-bellied woodpecker living in one of the cavaties,we were hoping for little ones,but haven`t seen any of them since.
The left to the lane is the goat pen,the bear scat was in the stone road,I`ve been tying the goats to the right getting them to eat the brush as it threatens to take over the road.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Oh that's so beautiful. I think we live parallel lives across the miles girlfriend. Your goats look so happy and well loved. I did try zucchini squash and the goats loved it. My husband wasn't so happy the goats were eating his dinner. Next year I need to grow a garden.

phylliso said...

They were just the peelings,you should see them after they eat strawberries.We gave them the caps off the tops & some bad pieces & they imersed their heads in the bowl & were turned pink,I have to dig up those pics.People were asking what was wrong with them.phylliso

Aleta said...

Your woods look so lush and peaceful. I see you have a lot of ground pine, like we do. I made a Christmas wreath out of it one year and it turned out nice except it dried up pretty quickly. Somebody suggested using those little vials of water in the wreath.
I've never tried gold zucchini. Maybe I'll grow that next year.

phylliso said...

I tried making a wreath from them too & they dried up quickly.I started the creeping pine from just a piece from Rich`s home place.Now it blankets the forest floor.phylliso