Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hawk and Chasing Butterfies

A hawk is hunting here.It looks to be a red-tailed,but I`m not sure.I think he`s too big to be a coopers hawk.
I hate it,he disrupts the tranquility of the forest.The robins especially are in an uproar,I believe he may have gotten one of their babies as they are making those sad sounds,CHRIP,chrip,chrip,chrip,CHIRP.It is nerveracking to me,but he is awesome to see up close.I did get some photos on Sun.afternoon.If you click on his photo,you can make it larger & see just how big he really is.
The butterfly is drinking so deeply from this daylily that his wings are covered with pollen.I`m wondering if this is why my daylilies are all becoming the orange wild ones as I planted many kinds but every year it seems they are disappearing & becoming all orange.

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