Thursday, July 3, 2008

Spinning Wheel

We found an antique spinning wheel.It was usable at one time,but was missing the wooden piece to the wheel,the wheel had a rawhide cord tied to the tredle to move it up & down.It also didn`t have a drive belt.The guy had placed an ad in our Sun. paper & we drove to the boonies to get it.At one point we saw the sign saying Ski Roundtop & I thought of Carolyn who writes the blog,Roundtop Runimations, that I like to read,I believe she lives near where we were to get this wheel.
Well,to back up in my story,Sat.I got a call from Paul who was responding to an ad I had placed in our shopper about finding a used wheel to buy.He said he didn`t want to sell his,but I could come over when he`s in his shop & spin on the wheels.Mon.when we got this one home,I called him & asked if I could bring it over,& he said yes,he`d look at it.It was so kind of him to do that,he sat with us for about an hour or more going over the wheel,telling us what needed to be done to get it going & so forth.It is so nice to know that there are still alot of kind-hearted people out hubby worked on it,& it`s ready to roll.He made a piece for it,greased it real good,put some dowel pins in places...the only thing is it seems to turn the bobbin so fast,I don`t know if that will change once there`s fiber on it or not.I wish Becky lived close to me to show me!

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I wish I lived close too! It's a very pretty wheel. I can't wait for you to get started. I don't have one like that but there should be a way to adjust the tension with a brake band and of course you need to pace yourself and not spin too fast...just a steady, even pace. If you notice your roving not moving smoothly then the tension is too tight. It will take awhile to get the feel of the correct tension. That video I recommended will help so much. I'm a visual learner and I improved dramatically after watching it just once.