Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have never had a problem with bees.This year it is unreal how many are gathering for the hummingbirds food.I go out on the deck to cook & feel as if I`m in a movie of not "the birds" but "the bees".In the cool of our evennings now they disperse.I refilled as the hummingbirds are still here,but if they come back today I`ll have to move the feeders down in the yard.Honeybees are protected,I don`t want to kill any bees as they are vital to the enviroment.


Aleta said...

You must have a bee hive nearby for there to be that many bees on your hummingbird feeder! No, you don't want to kill ANY bee. I read that even yellow jackets should not be killed because they are vital for pollination. We don't kill the hornets that are on our feeders. We don't have as many all over them as what you show in your picture. We have seen a couple of honey bees at the feeder, now and then. My husband saw a bunch of them, like your picture, at our spring water overflow. They were getting water.

phylliso said...

All of my 5 feeders are like that.I have 1 with bee guards on,but they are still on it.They were full this am as I filled them at dusk,now 1 is already empty.We have a beekeeper about 7 miles away,maybe he could get this swarm out of here for us.phylliso