Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cinderberry Stitches Saltbox Hill

As I`ve posted before,I love the Australian designers,this project is by Kate Lymer,saltbox hill.I bought more of her stitcheries to do,you can find them at here in the USA.This one I had the perfect fabric already in my stash for the whole wall hanging.Here is what I`ve done so far...I know I posted about doing this project before,but I messed it up & had to start over.It calls for 5-5" blocks cut of the muslin-I used organic cotton.Well,I KNEW she meant 6-5" squares, & an odd ball 1 that goes in the middle,so I wasn`t paying attention when I used the iron-on transfer sheet & came up with 4 " squares,I went ahead & started stitching & found out too late I should`ve cut the squares FIRST,then ironed on the stitchery.I like the iron on sheet as it`s sometimes hard for me to trace on a light box.Sooooo,this is what I have done so far now,plus the fabric I`ll be using.I may pick a green to go along with it,it is to have a scrappy look to it.I scanned the pic of the pattern but don`t know how well it will show up on here.I do the stitchery at night in front of the Tv.

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