Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Week Gone By

It`s been almost a week since I blogged,feels like forever.Bandit is getting over his bout with poison ivy.He or Maggie chewed through the wire on the keyboard Wed.night while we were at church,so we didn`t have the computer up & going till Thursday,& I`m happy to say,I hooked up this keyboard by myself!It was really nothing,just make sure the computer is shut down before hooking it up so it will reconize it.
There is a change in the air since the rain we had,it is to rain today too.I am sadded by the fact that the migrating birds will be leaving us soon.The hummingbirds are playing & chasing each other around,there is one that sits on the ficus tree on the back deck guarding"his"feeder.He or she I should say sits on the tree outside the window & watches me get my cereal & coffee in the morning.I get depressed thinking I won`t see them for awhile,but sometimes they stick around here as late as Oct.I hope this is one of the years they stay awhile.
The house finches & goldfinches are gathering for the sunflowers that are seeded now.The thrashers are still here,they raised one baby this year.I started a watch on them as our local bird count was so low on them.They counted only one one year.Now I have a pair & a baby,hopefully the baby will be with them next year when they come & will have a mate.
I learned to spin some this week.It is not a perfect skein I`m making,but I know what I`m doing wrong & that is a start.I didn`t draft out the fibers before I started like I was supposed to.I should`ve pulled them out & made them thinner BEFORE I spun with it.

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