Friday, September 26, 2008


Pics of flowers as I was strolling through the yard last night relaxing after a stressful week.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Your flowers are just gorgeous! What a beautiful home you have!!! I've got weeds. Seems I'm real good at growing them.

phylliso said...

I struggle with the soil all the time,we don`t have good dirt & it is so hard to dig in.I did buy myself an electric tiller some years ago & just love it for simple digging.
The zinnias & cosmos I just scattered the seeds & prayed for the best.phylliso

Aleta said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love the hydrangeas. I LOVE hydrangeas and I have one growing with a fence around it because the deer eat it. We took the fence off this year earlier because it was big and we thought they wouldn't eat it but they stripped it the next day - left the two blooms on it, though. Yet the leaves they stripped off grew back really quickly. Great pictures, Phyllis!