Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saltbox Hill

I worked on the cinderberry stitch wall hanging this week,have 1 more stitchery block to do that goes in the middle,but here is what I have done.It is to be a scrappy look.

I also spun & have a bobbin almost full,& it`s what do I do next?!! I have a skein winder,so guess I`ll just take the yarn & wind it around the winder by hand,tie it,& let it sit unless I`m to take it off & hang it somewhere with a heavy can or something to relax the twist.What do I do spinners?I believe I will make something in single ply as it is so thick in places.

It is rainning & rainning,looks like it`s starting to slack up for now.The goats were inside all day,I`m glad they all got along to share the barn.Even when the dogs & I went down,they didn`t push each other around like they usually do & I didn`t have to stand guard over Blackie to make sure he got enough grain.

I`ve got lots of concord grapes,the birds got some,but I guess I`ll be making jelly or jam.There was a day I`d be making wine,but not anymore.I was surprised to see the chipmunk enjoying some,he peeled his as I sat & watched.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Ranch said...

You have done a beautiful job spinning but I should have expected as much from someone as talented as you. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog. The pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful small piece of Heaven you have. Your quilting project is.....well, just amazing!!!!!

phylliso said...

Thank-you ,Becky!phylliso