Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well,I don`t know how I got all those spaces in my last blog,& also managed to delete a photo of my spinning!I will try just showing some pics taken labor day & of some butterflies.
Son,Richie,cutting flowers from what looks like a jungle,our yard,full of those touch me not weeds.The hummingbirds & bees love the weed,so I kinda left it grow.Granddaughter,Savannah,21 the wagon.


Kate said...

More wonderful photos!

Debra said...

I agree, the photos are great. I LOVE your yarn!!! Did you dye it yoursef-I guess that's a dumb question-of course you dyed it-I've never seen a goat or sheep those colors!!!
I'm jealous of your spinning !!!
I tried using a hand drop spindle-what a disaster. I would have fared better with someone to teach me I think.
Are your hummers still there?
It's hard to get in gear for fall and winter, isn't it?
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

Thank-you Kate & Debra.
I bought the roving already dyed like that to get me off & spinning.I have dyed my own & still am washing,carding,dying my own to someday spin.I feel like taking it to a mill,I discovered we have a mill not far from us,but I`d still like to do it myself.It may take me years by myself doing it!
I took a class in drop spindling,but didn`t do well.I`m glad & thankful to have found Kate & Becky,fellow bloggers,to help me along,sometimes just answering a simple dumb question I have.I`m very thankful for all the blogger friends I have,you remind me of myself sometimes Debra so much that it`s scary!
Our hummers are still here,will I ever miss them when they go. blessings,phylliso

Aleta said...

Love your pictures! Is the brown/white butterfly a White Admiral? I looked it up. I at first thought the other one was a Kamehameha butterfly until I read that they are in HAWAII and I know you aren't THERE! :) So I'm not sure what that one is. Keep up the great picture taking! Love ya!

phylliso said...

I believe it is a giant swallowtail,it`s wings were really tattered,I had never seen one like that here before.We had a red admiral once,but haven`t seen another one since.phylliso

phylliso said...

Thanks,Aleta,love you too!phylliso