Sunday, September 14, 2008


I was so happy to see the thrashers are still here,they are so beautiful with their yellow-orange eyes.I grabbed the camera in a frenzy to get the photo,the bird was undaunted by the dogs barking at me hurrying,by now used to it but the rose breasted grosbeak that landed on the wire next to the feeder did not like the dogs carrying on at all,so I didn`t get a pic of him.I missed them migrating in the spring,either they didn`t stop here or I just missed them.I will search for a pic of them in prior years later when they did stop & stay awhile.
My saltbox project is almost done.I have another border or so to put around ,then the backing & quilting & the wall hanging will be done.
Yesterday I wandered thru the yard with the camera,making the dogs stay in the house while I spent time with the hummingbirds.I shall miss them so much.The little female is following me now,peering in unexpectantly in the kitchen windows from time to time,delighting me.The tiny bird lifts my spirits so much.I was able to get a couple of pics of her,but it was hard,they wouldn`t stay still for long,the male would swoop down for a taste of the orange flowered touch-me-not weed & she would bombard him,both spiraling upwards to the tall pines.
I took a pic of the bush I bought on the clearance pile at Lowes one year.I don`t know what it is,guess that`s why they couldn`t sell it,it had no tag.It is pretty though & easy to start other bushes with just a clipping.It gets those small white flowers seen here,the folige is varigated.Anyone know what it is?
My hubby & I went to look at a new but used greenhouse last week.It was huge,very nice but where the people lived it wasn`t zoned for greenhouses.She had it up for awhile,got stones put in for it,the works then someone came & told her it had to be removed by the 14th.So,she had a small one too,but after we saw the big one,that is what I wanted.It looked to be a Rion greenhouse & it is still under warrenty.Tomorrow I will call again about it.She was taking it down & boxing it up but she said it could be moved by someone the way it was with a rollback.It was too much too soon since it had to be tore down or moved by yesterday so we couldn`t make a decision right away.She wanted $1500 for it,but that included everything.If she still has it I will get it.It will take my mind off winter if I can putter around in that.I don`t know which is worse for my RA,the humid days of summer or the bone chilling freeze of the winter.I love the summer tho because my mind is off my pain with watching the birds & growing the flowers.
As always,click on pics to make bigger,stitchery didn`t show up so well.


Debra said...

Hi Phyllis,
I love your thrasher and so wished they would have landed here this summer. We do have the rose breasted grossbeaks, but they have gone now for this year. They get quite tame, and don't mind if I'm near the feeder. We also had rufous sided towhees, with the "Drink your Teeee" song. Our hummers are still here, but I'm afraid it will be very soon and they will leave too. Your hummer pictures are very good.
I'm so sorry you have to live with pain-I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to be so healthy.
I love visiting you.
Take care, Debra

phylliso said...

Hi Debra.I love the towhees too,they were here in the spring,I could hear them though they were way off in the brush.They used to come close to eat off the ground under the feeder,but haven`t done so for awhile.
Thanks for visiting,you lift my spirits when I`m low,blessings,phylliso