Friday, September 19, 2008


I`ve been able to catch some of the hawks leaving.I always thought they stayed for the winter as one year we had a juvenile red tailed hawk come here around Thanksgiving & stayed with us for quite awhile.I was emailing our local audobon-I am so poor at spelling-about ID-ing the bird for me,& that is what it was.
We did get the Rion Greenhouse.We are trying to get the spot leveled for it,we have the base together,but it has to be leveled more.People think we`re nuts I guess for getting it,but am I ever excited.I have always been lucky at growing things,so can hardly wait to get started.
We have 3 funerals this week.Our last one is tomorrow.I`m wondering how tomorrow`s will be.My husband`s cousin is to be buried,she is younger than us.Her parents are dead already & they did not believe in God.I believe his cousin did.How could you not believe?I can`t fathom it.But her mom`s was the wierdest funeral....we just sat there in the room with the casket while they played her fav country western songs.We finally got up & left.


Aleta said...

I love your hawks in the sky picture. I try but can never seem to get a pic of them when they are flying around like that.
I found our recently, at least I think that's what I heard - that vultures don't hang around all winter.

phylliso said...

That is what confused me about that winter in 2005.They do migrate & I was thinking that they didn`t because they were here that winter.phylliso