Friday, September 19, 2008

Hawk watching back in 12-10-2005

Here are the pics I got back in Dec.2005 of the baby red-tailed hawk.It confused me whether he was just migrating here or really late leaving! Anyone have thoughts on that? I have pics of him at Thanksgiving too,but not as clear as these.We had some snow then.


Debra said...

He's beautiful, but I haven't a clue about why he was still there. Cornell Ornithology Lab could tell you.

Our hummers have definitely gone. It's getting so cold at night now. I had one fly around Wednesday, and that was a fly through guy. Ohhh, I hate putting their feeders away for the year...

phylliso said...

We still have a couple of hummers.They don`t seem as active as they were,maybe because it is getting so cool.
There are more hawks calling & swirling today.I saw a flock of robins too,guess heading south.phylliso