Monday, September 22, 2008

angora goats,greenhouse going up,two grandchildren

We got through the funerals for 3 people this week.Thank the dear Lord Diane did know God,I was sure she did even though some of her family didn`t.
We had our grandchildren some on Sun.which was fun for me,& our greenhouse is coming up,thank the dear Lord for my dh.It is like putting back together a puzzle.I`m so glad I didn`t clean the windows as they only go up one way & you can not tell by looking at them the right way.So we looked at where they had mowed grass,where the grass was on the bottom & sides to figure out how they were to face.
I`ve been putting the hay in a wagon on the outside of the pen as the 4 goats will stand on a bale & pee on it & scatter it & waste it when I place it inside.I do have a big galvanized bucket in the barn holding hay also,they can`t stand in it.I hate to have to do it that way,but we can`t figure anything else out & it works.


Debra said...

Phyllis, The greenhouse is dreamy. I'd love to have one. Your property looks nice and remote. Beautiful grandchildren too.
Those goats! I wanted two sheep for agaes, and did all the research about having them, but prayed, and found it wasn't God's will right now. Just up our road there are lots of sheep now, so I can see them any time. They have llamas too, which I also wanted! I'm glad I prayed about both things, and really gave my desires to the Lord. I hope I can do that with everything I think I gotta have!

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Love the greenhouse. Can't wait to see your harvest next year. Awesome pictures of the grandchildren! Adorable.

phylliso said...

Thanks girls!I have been feeling exhausted though.We still don`t have the shearing done & we had to take apart a couple of things on the greenhouse & do it over.My neighbor`s grand daughter came down yesterday & she really helped alot standing on the ladder & doing things for us.phylliso