Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beautiful day

Yesterday was a wash out here,we got some much needed rain.Today I took the goats out some.I kept Blackie out longer than the others & fed him his grain seperate as he never gets to eat in peace.Well,did he ever get beat up when I put him back in.I didn`t even get his leash & collar off in the pen when Jimi rammed him several times.I almost got rammed myself.If Jimi continues on like this I will have to seperate him from the others.I can`t tolerate his meaness.
The robins are still here eating the wild pokeberries."my" robin watched me intently with his mate.He is the one with the wierd feather.He always comes here every year.I`m always so glad when he makes his arrival in the spring that he gets to & from wherever he goes safely back here to me.
The dark eyes juncos arrived.That means to me cold weather is around the corner.

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