Sunday, October 26, 2008

Menigital worm in goats

Becky is having trouble on the ridge with her goat.If it is a menigital worm it affects their central nervous system.This is what Ringo looked like back in April of 2007 when he had it.He looked as though he had a stroke,his head fell to the side & he couldn`t stand upright.I was so sure we would lose him,the vet said they rarely make a recovery & the meds he was going to give him would make his meat uneatable.I said,what?!!! I would never eat my pets!!!! I will have to ask about what meds he gave him,it took him a couple of weeks to recover,but he did make a full recovery.The one pic shows him as he couldn`t even stand up,the second is a week after & he was beginning to recover.The vet said he may never hold his head upright again,but thank the dear Lord he made a full recovery.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Oh My God Phyllis......I can't believe he recovered. Must have been all that love you shower on him. He looks much worse than Ying does. Oh...I can't bear losing Ying. I hope he gets better. The vet thinks it's an injury but on the goat chat forum one poster wrote that mule deer carry menigital worm. I'm just sick with worry.

phylliso said...

Like I said,it took him a long time to fully recover,several weeks.Are you giving him injections every day?I will call the vet as soon as they open & will try to have an answer for you today as for what he was given.I don`t know where his paperwork is,I probably saved it,phylliso