Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Barns & scenery

Backing up to Sun.,we kept our grand daughter & drove around as she had a sore foot & I was able to get some fall scenes from back in the valley where my dh is from & also where we bought the tractor.This is a different county,& the taxes & electric is so high...but the scenes are awesome.So many homes are for sale there.Savannah slept the whole time so I didn`t take any photos of her,but she stayed with us the other day & I didn`t get to post,so am including those pics.


Debra said...

Beautiful barns. Cute kids too!
Seen any different birds going through?

phylliso said...

the dark eyed juncos are here now,my robins are still here.they showed themselves to me,I believe that they are telling me goodbye,phylliso

Aleta said...

I love those barns! I could see them on a stitchery! Our juncos are here, too, in eastern Tennessee.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Savannah is just toooo cute! And....about the puppy...there is an old Persian proverb that says, "what's the difference if you are drowning if the water is one foot or ten feet above your head"...in other words.....get the new pup!