Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Diana,the sheltie princess from Ohio

I`ve been busy with friends & family the past few days.My groomer,Jen,& her family moved & I don`t get to see her as often as I`d like.She only lives across town,but I hate to leave the mountains anymore to fight with traffic.Plus with shearing & keeping the grandkids I just get so tied up.Jen is like a daughter to me.She has been bringing sheltie puppies out to socialize with our shelties & of course,the goats.The lastest is Princess Diana,a litter sis to Niki whom she brought here the other week.Diana has a definate attitude.She unglued her ears...,taped to stay up the way they show them.She turned up her nose at the dogs & goats.But when we brought out the honey graham crackers it was all about food & who would get the crackers,the goats or her.I just love puppies,don`t you?? These puppies are show quality.Diana looked so much like Max my collie with her long face & attitude I loved her right away.Heartbreaking....I think I need another dog!
Bandit was bored with the whole doggie meets goat,but Hunter,the new old guy here was excited over the whole encounter,so excited he slipped his collar & ran under the gate into the pen & started herding the 4 goats.I about had a heart attack as he is so old & so tiny,but he didn`t get hurt.He made a u-turn at one point & rolled over,but got to his feet & continued to "ball"them up & round them to us.Maggie, our other sheltie, has an attitude also & was bored with the whole goat thing.

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