Saturday, October 18, 2008


Thank-you Debra for asking about my spinning,it lit a fire under me to do something with the wheel,I miss not playing with it as we have been so busy with the greenhouse & everyday life.
I took off the nastrumns color I was working on & wound it onto the skein winder.I may do a design on monk`s cloth called swedish weaving & use that lumpy bumpy yarn as I don`t think I have enough to really make anything with.I was tired of looking at that color,so got this out.I bought 2 rovings from Phylleri Ball to start out with,the nastrumns color & this color,has earthy type colors in it that I love,forget what it was called,it is mohair mixed with sheep`s wool & dyed.I love these colors.I`m still not pre-drafting like I should,it should be much skinner yarn I`m spinning.
Here is something that came with the antique spinning wheel that I`m not using yet.I don`t know what it`s for,to hold bobbins maybe or wind yarn onto somehow?


Debra said...

Hi Phyllis!
I love Hunter. He is very, very sweet.
I like the wool color you showed too. That THING is very unusual looking- I guess you certainly could find out what it was on the Web.
I sure wish I had the time to learn to spin. There's two llamas up the road, and by next spring they are really going to need some shearing. We found out one of them is named "Larry!"
I want to see whatever knitting you will do too. Or crocheting.
I'm glad I inspired you to get out your wheel!
Love, Debra

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

You are doing a beautiful job Phyllis. You caught on quick. Love the very pretty! Keep that wheel moving!

phylliso said...

Thanks girls! I`m still not spinning as thin as I can.I have been using the short inch worm draw so I have more control,but I can do the long draw too when I "settle in" on the wheel & when I have more space with drawing it out is when I can make it thinner.I would like to ply this color,I so love it.phylliso