Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Being Nana

I sat with Savannah on her brother went to her cousins soccer game.Savannah went the last time,but had to be taken off the field.So I was glad to have her here.Last night I babysat both grandchildren.They were tired & groucy,but we managed to have fun toasting marshmallows & pretending to camp out.
I haven`t done much else as they wear me out.I did finish the top part of the wall hanging.


Debra said...

That dog is really beautiful-I LOVE the nose to nose photos! Your home looks so interesting!
Your grandchildren are just gorgeous. When I saw their pictures, a pang of mother love went through my heart. I do miss those 'little' years with my son. I love him to pieces now, but I miss the cuddle-time. It will be so nice to have grandchildren. I really look forward to it.
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

I love children,I miss them as babies already,they seem to grow so fast.Dominick is already a talker,& Savannah is putting together words so quickly I can tell she won`t be a quiet child either.I treasure every moment.My home is cluttered cause it is only a summer home,we need to enlarge,but don`t see that happenning for awhile.So,am happy with the peace it gives me living in the woods with the wildlife right out the,phylliso

Aleta said...

Your grandkids are so adorable!
I love your wall hanging! The colors are so earthy and warm. What a beautiful piece!