Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hummingbirds have left

We had more gathering of hawks on the 26th & the 30th of the last sighting of the hummingbirds.I heard the chattering of robins this am,talking to each other about making their journey I suppose.We have had robins as late as the end of Nov.& I sometimes wonder if they just stay somewhere here all winter.
We had to dig up some hostas & peonies & roses to put the greenhouse in,I must find time to get them in the ground.They are pathetic looking,but I`m sure they will survive.I sent a butterfly bush home with Jen yesterday,I should`ve sent more plants along with her but I was embarrassed at how yellow they looked.
I couldn`t find a decent pic of me for my profile on here.I am the one with the camera always.So I dug up this pic of Max & me several years old.
Well,must get off here & take out the dogs again & wake up hubby as he has a doc`s appt.this am.


Debra said...

I love your profile photo! Your hawk picture reminds me of the huge turkey vulture groups we see very often near here. I know they migrate too. No hummers here either. Sad...
We do have robins that over-winter here. Maybe the lake is the reason-it stays just a tad warmer (hard to believe it). But we are surrounded by fallow fields which have grown to shrubs that feed them all winter. I have tried very hard to make our own property a haven for birds.
Hope you show the greenhouse when it's complete.

Aleta said...

I love your new profile picture!

My husband saw one hummingbird this morning. We still have 3 feeders in the front and one in the back. The back one is blocked by a cross orb weaver's web and a hummingbird kept flying up to it yesterday but couldn't get through the web. We'll leave all the feeders out for awhile yet, in case that rufous hummingbird comes back this year. Our robins stay around all winter long.