Monday, October 27, 2008

Menigital worm

Just a quick post on the menigital worm,I called my vet today to see what was given to Ringo Back in April of 2007 as I can`t locate the papers!!! & it was 1 cc of Ivermectin,2cc of Vit.B,& Baytril.It took awhile but he pulled out of it & now it`s as if he never had it.I always make sure there are no rotten boards in the pen & if they do have boards or things to play on,that they are on a stony area as slugs can`t go across gravel.


Debra said...

Hi Phyllis,
I was just curious-I know this will sound silly, but would you sell some goat 'wool' at the proper time for shearing? If it's atleast 6 inches long, I could use it for doll hair!!

My robins have been going nuts over the crab apple tree. They were talking to each other about the fruit this morning. Did you get snow?

phylliso said...

We got some snow but it melted before it hit the ground.
I will send you some locks if you give me your address.I have bags of it in the shed I haven`t washed yet.Do you needlefelt it on as I do?phylliso

Debra said...
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