Sunday, November 2, 2008


April & May are a long way away.Can I keep it together till the blooming season again?
This week has gone by fast.I felt low most of the week,but God gave me some sights to carry me through.We had the downy woodpeckers make an appearance & the goldfinches I noticed have changed back to their muted colors for winter.My robin followed me about the yard chirping.I entered a local photo contest,I finished my saltbox wallhanging{it`s hanging a little crooked as I haven`t really found a spot yet for it}did the bountiful harvest stitchery,now I have to stitch it on other fabric,& quilt it to make a table runner.I may use fabric crayons to fill in on the crow & leaves.We babysat the children Tues.evening,& I was very disappointed that I didn`t get to see them dressed up for halloween.When they give me pics I will post...if they took any.
The highlight of my week was yesterday when my childhood friend,Aleta,came over to visit from Tenn.Her visit really uplifted me.We ended up going shopping at the Mannings,the handspinning & weaving place close to where I live.She was utterly amazed as I knew she would be at the rooms & rooms of projects & anything from raw cotton to the purest yarn you would ever want to use,all the equipment that they have on hand,books & leaflets on anything & everything to do with the fiber industry.I tried out the double pedal spinning wheel & decided that some day I will have one of those wheels too.They weren`t as hard to use as I thought.

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